> The Mimbres Culture Heritage Site/Mattocks Ruin

We support the volunteers of the Imogen F. Wilson Education Foundation, owner and operator of the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site (MCHS) in Mimbres, New Mexico. GCAS members - sometimes with the enthusiastic help of local students - build and maintain the outdoor interpretive paths, signs, and displays of the co-located Mattocks Ruin, an important archaeological site owned by Archaeology Southwest. GCAS members guide weekly public tours through the site, including the MCHS's historic buildings and museum, in which some GCAS exhibits are on display.

La Plata Kids work day at MCHS
Hard at work at MCHS
Indoor Education
Pete preps an outdoor demonstration
Doc Wood's Office Door
View of outbuilldings from the ranch house
Pat Gilman in the GCAS Library
Paul Minnis (far L) and Pat Gilman (next to Minnis) on the trail
Pat Gilman in lively discussion
 Archaeologist Paul Minnis listens to everything
Pat Gilman describes her excavation
Rumor has it Minnis and Gilman are an item
Historic Buildings Support Field Work
Tours Given Weekly
A Public Tour
The Wood House needs a roof