> Preserve and Protect

GCAS members volunteer to do the work that is necessary to protect archaeological sites from erosion, looting, and vandalism. We help maintain and improve the buildings and pathways at the Mattocks Ruin/Mimbres Culture Heritage Site, and go further afield to protect the archaeological heritage that belongs to us all.

Vandalism - Inspection
First Application of Paint Removal Product
Vandalism Mitigation - a 2-hour Process
Close-up of Removal Work
Cliffside Graffiti Removal Is Awkward
More Gentle Scrubbing
Bandito Is Fading
Paint Removal Almost Complete
Adios, Bandito de Graffiti
Preservation at Mimbres Culture Heritage Site
Mural Detail - photo by MSmith
Marilyn Markel speaks - photo by C. Overlock