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One or more archaeological excavations are periodically conducted within Grant County and Southwestern New Mexico, most often during the summer months. Undergraduate and graduate students who study at institutions including the University of Arizona/Tucson and the University of Nevada/Las Vegas accompany their archaeologist professors to our area to spend several weeks at a specific archaeological site. GCAS members are reliable volunteers at the excavations. The students camp rough and do heavy work in hot weather while they learn hands-on the archaeological excavation and research techniques of their chosen professions. The Mimbres Culture Heritage Site often hosts these field schools so that they have easy access to everything from campsite to kitchen to research library.

Monsoon Season Threatens the Camp
Screening for Artifacts
A Field School Excavation
Dr. Barbara Roth Meets Conejo Mimbreño
Dr. Roth Supervises the Work
An Extensive Excavation
The Fruits of a Field School's Labor
UNLV Field School HQ - at the MCHS
Deep in Thought
UNLV at MCHS - The Research
UNLV Sutdents Plan the Day's Work
UNLV at MCHS - A Brief Respite
Field School Intro to MCHS
"Looks Like It's Fixin' to Pucker Up 'n' Rain."
Elk Ridge midden - test trench
Elk Ridge midden - Darrell Creel deep in thought