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GCAS volunteers offer regular indoor and outdoor tours open to the general public, as well as frequently providing educational programs to local schoolchildren throughout the county. All visitors learn the history and prehistory of the Mattocks Ruin at the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site, and in the process they sometimes even discover how deeply their own family's roots go in the area!

Public Tour at MCHS
La Plata School Field Trip to Dragonfly Petroglyphs
San Lorenzo School Field Trip
Archaeology Day at MCHS 2016
Archaeology Day - Atlatl Demonstration
Learning How to Make Cordage from Yucca
Junior Site Steward Training
Learning How to Map a Site
Armando sketching artifacts
Ronald and Whalyn
Close work
School Presentations
Presentation at San Lorenzo School
Official Junior Site Stewards
Grinding Corn the Old Skool Way
Hurley Students Walk the Trails
Hurley Students Explore the MCHS Grounds
Hurley Students at the MCHS
Hurley Visits the MCHS
Hands-On Education
In the MCHS Museum
Las Cruces students arrive
Marilyn Markel starts the tour
A Site Tour
Atlatl Instruction
TFW you throw an atlatl well
Respect the Atlatl
Las Cruces student gets good air with atlatl
Smokey T. Cat in his Element
Gila River Festival Lecture
Tour of the Mattocks Site
On the Trail
A Public Tour in Perfect Weather