NEXT MEETING: 6:00 PM, Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at the Roundup Lodge in San Lorenzo (Mimbres Valley). The season's last potluck, followed by general meeting, then our Featured Speaker: Human Systems Research Associate Director and archaeologist Karl Laumbach discusses his experiences in "The Elk Ridge Story."

NEXT FIELD TRIP = SPECIAL! Friday, October 4, 2019, join the Amerind Museum Curator's Tour at 1 PM in Dragoon AZ! $8/person. Tour is limited to 30 people maximum so sign up ASAP. Go to our Events page & scroll down for sign-up info & trip details.

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Our Next Presentation

Laumbach 2On September 18, 2019, the GCAS will proudly host Karl W. Laumbach, archaeologist and Associate Director at Human Systems Research in Las Cruces. Everyone is invited to hear him share his experiences in the protection and preservation of our local patrimony in "The Elk Ridge Story."

Laumbach explains:

Digging for “pots” in pueblo sites has been a recreational activity across the American Southwest for more than a century. During the mid-1970s, commercial “pothunters”, spurred on by a growing art market for all things Southwestern, began the methodical bulldozing of Mimbres Pueblo sites in southwestern New Mexico. By 1989 many of the large Mimbres pueblo sites on private land (and many on public land) had been destroyed. In an effort to stop this wholesale destruction, a legislative effort enacted a law which made it a 4th degree felony to knowingly disturb a human burial on private land in the State of New Mexico. Prior to the spring of 1989, no one knew that a large intact Mimbres Pueblo lay buried under alluvium on the West Fork of the Mimbres River. For the 90 days before the law took effect, the landowner used heavy equipment to extract as many pots as possible but the sheer depth of the deposits prevented complete destruction. The Elk Ridge Story chronicles those troubled times and the controversial effort by Human Systems Research to preserve what was left of a previously undocumented and highly significant Mimbres Pueblo.

Our meeting on September 18 will begin at 6:00 PM with our final potluck dinner of the season. The GCAS general meeting will follow and Laumbach will begin to speak at about 7:00 PM. Please join us at the Roundup Lodge at 91 Aklin Hill Road in San Lorenzo/Mimbres, New Mexico.

/s/ webmaster [photo via Human Systems Research]

Meet Mary-Margaret Soulé

Scdp mary-margaretNot really sure where she finds the time.

Mary-Margaret Soulé has been a devoted member of the GCAS since the early 1990s. She rarely if ever misses a meeting. She has served for many years as a member of our Board of Trustees, and in practically every office our group has, from Secretary to President. She often hosts our monthly meetings, providing beverages and snacks. She will go on our monthly field trips now and then, but she's visited pretty much every accessible archaeological site more times than any of the rest of us, so she occasionally takes a break. During the winter months from October through April, when the GCAS holds meetings at 2045 Memory Lane in Silver City? That's all Mary-Margaret - we meet in one of her buildings - the same location as the local rockhounding group, The Rolling Stones, meets. She's generous that way. And speaking of generous:

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Field Trip to Frying Pan Canyon and Pony Hills

Frying Pan Canyon panel and vista Meem and Kyle at Frying Pan Meem shows Frying Pan chimeraA total of 15 GCAS members, a few of the membership-curious, and three canine companions gathered for the GCAS’s November 4, 2018, field trip to examine the petroglyphs in Frying Pan Canyon and Pony Hills near Deming. We enjoyed stellar weather: sunny to partly-cloudy, a high temp of about 75F, with just enough of a breeze to keep the dust down.

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Now's the Time to Get Involved

IMG_5506The GCAS needs your help in fulfilling our mission of educational outreach. Please consider the following four opportunities occurring in late September and through October, three of which take place at the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site.

Pick one! Pick them all! No experience necessary! Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of Autumn in the Mimbres Valley!

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Guest Authors and Photographers Welcome!

Petroglyph of mysteryThis here blog is always looking for content related to all things archaeological. We would like very much to include as many different voices as we can. How about yours?

Do you have an archaeologically-related event to announce? IMG_1465

Do you want to discuss an interesting book or article?

Would you like to write something about archaeologically-related issues that are close to your heart?

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Happy Birthday To Us!

Today we members of the Grant County Archaeological Society celebrate our 80th year since we image from en.wikipedia.orgfiled our Certificate of Incorporation with the State of New Mexico on July 14, 1938. That alone would make our group one of the oldest if not the oldest archaeological organizations in the state. But there's more. We have actually been an active, continuously chartered archaeological organization for 90 years.

In 1928, a group of 16 men and women interested in Grant County's prehistoric Native ruins met in Fort Bayard in Mrs. Anna Davis's tea room to investigate the possibility of organizing a local chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America. Later that same year the group became the Grant County Chapter of the New Mexico Archaeological Society and continued operating under that name until incorporating as the Grant County Archaeological Society in 1938.

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