NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, February 16, 2022, online via Zoom at 7PM: the GCAS general meeting features Cody Dalpra M.A., R.P.A., District Archaeologist for the Las Cruces District Office of the Bureau of Land Management. Cody will discuss Landscapes of the Past American Southwest: Cultural Meaning from Ethnographic Viewshed Analysis. Cody will illustrate how visually prominent landforms throughout the US Southwest, including southern New Mexico, influenced cultural, settlement, and mobility patterns among Native American populations prior to the completion of the railroad in 1881. As usual, about a week beforehand watch your email inbox for the Zoom link to join us to hear about Cody's research and different ways of seeing the landscapes around us.

NEXT FIELD TRIP = TBA - watch this space for details as they develop.


Mimbreños y Paquiméños: Current Research by Thatcher Rogers

Ramos poly MNM Mimbres serpentGCAS member Thatcher Rogers is currently a PhD student at UNM, a ceramics analyst/archaeologist for the Office of Contract Archeology and Aspen CRM Solutions, and one of the recipients of our Nancy Coinman Grant Awards. He has kindly allowed us to include on our website his recently-published paper, "Mimbreños y Paquiméños: Historicism and the Ancestry of the Casas Grandes Ceramic Tradition."

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Old Pueblo Zoom Program of Special Interest

This following announcement of Old Pueblo Archaeology Center regarding one of their regularly scheduled "Third Thursday Food for Thought" programs bears special interest for the GCAS and others in our area. Consider saving the date: Thursday, March 18, 2021.

Old Pueblo describes: “Third Thursday Food for Thought” Zoom online dinnertime program featuring "Mimbres in Context: Hohokam, Chaco, Casas Grandes" presented by archaeologist Stephen H. Lekson, sponsored by Old Pueblo Archaeology Center, Tucson, 7 to 8:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. Free.

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Repatriation Underway

Roughly 90 years ago, archaeologists sponsored by universities in the US Midwestern and Eastern states excavated numerous sites throughout the Mimbres-Mogollon cultural region. As was the custom, they shipped the human remains and artifacts they uncovered to the universities and museums that had underwritten their projects. Their activities and research in our area inspired in large part the formation of our own Grant County Archaeological Society in 1928.

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A Mimbres Image of the 1054 Supernova

Mimbres supernovaRecently an interesting article commemorating July 5, 1054, as The Greatest Fourth of July in American History stated:

"There’s only one place in the world we know of where a picture of the 1054 supernova event was drawn that still survives: in America, by our own compatriots the Mimbres people, as just one example of their fabulous stylized pottery of the 11th Century...."

This article is a fascinating description - from an ancient Mimbreño's point of view - of the supernova event of July 5, 1054. Among many other images, the article includes illustrations of how the sky appeared at the time of the 1054 event.The author concentrates his discussion on one particular Mimbres bowl currently housed in the Weisman Art Museum at at the University of Minnesota.

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An Announcement from the Southwest Kiln Conference for 2020

SWKCof logoThe Southwest Kiln Conference, established in 2003, is devoted to the art, science and technology of recreating the prehistoric pottery of the American Southwest. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic they are adapting their annual conference to the circumstances. From Southwest Kiln:

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Breaking News from a Past Coinman Grant Awards Recipient

21 - Museum  olla detail  Mound of the OfferingsSamantha Bomkamp, one of only two 2018-2019 Coinman Grant Awards recipients, completed her thesis for her Master's of Science in Anthropology degree at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee in May 2020. She kindly sent us a copy of her thesis, entitled "Typological and Iconographic Analyses of Casas Grandes Pottery at the Milwaukee Public Museum," to share with our membership. Click here to read her thesis: Download Bomkamp-Thesis-Casas-Grandes-Pottery-MPM-2020.pdf (15666.2K)

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Meet Our 2020 Coinman Grant Awards Recipient!

IMG_0944We here at the GCAS are very pleased to announce this year's recipient of our 2020 Nancy Coinman Grant Awards, Danielle Romero of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. [She might be found somewhere in that field school work photo over there on the right.]

Danielle is a third-year PhD candidate majoring in Archaeology with a minor in Anthropology, working toward her PhD dissertation in May 2021. In addition to her formal studies, Danielle works as a Graduate Assistant in UNLV's Mimbres Archaeology Lab. She has been part of UNLV's excavation and research field schools at the Elk Ridge archaeological site in the Mimbres Valley for several years. An accomplished public speaker, she often presents topics on archaeology, ceramics, and ancient cultural interactions at regional and statewide archaeological conferences. In the past she has also shared aspects of her research as a featured speaker at our own GCAS monthly meetings.

Danielle's current research is a fascinating study of how an analysis of Elk Ridge ceramics may sharpen archaeologists' understanding of the social and cultural interactions among the groups inhabiting the entire Mimbres Valley during the period from AD 200 to AD 1150. Read the details of Danielle's research in her own words.

Congratulations, Danielle!

/s/ webmaster

Thatcher Rogers, 2018-2019 Coinman Grant Award Recipient

Rogers-photo-2017The GCAS is happy to have awarded funds through our group’s inaugural Nancy Coinman Grant Awards program for the 2018-2019 scholastic year to two graduate students of archaeology: Samantha (Sam) Bomkamp and Thatcher Rogers. They each have described the status of their research that our group’s Coinman awards helped support. Two days ago we published Samantha Bomkamp’s research summary; today we launch Thatcher Rogers’s progress report.

At the time of this writing Thatcher Rogers  is a PhD student in Anthropology/Archaeology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He is an experienced archaeologist of the southern New Mexico/northern Chihuahua region with expertise in ceramic analysis. He is also proficient at locating under-utilized museum collections and analyzing their data for potentially new insights.

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Samantha Bomkamp, 2018-2019 Coinman Grant Award Recipient

SB Photo 1The GCAS was pleased to award funds through our group’s inaugural Nancy Coinman Grant Awards program for the 2018-2019 scholastic year to two graduate students of archaeology: Samantha (Sam) Bomkamp and Thatcher Rogers. They have each provided us with interesting progress reports describing their research that our group’s Coinman awards helped support. Today, we begin at the front of the alphabet with Samantha Bomkamp’s research; on October 16 we will publish Thatcher Rogers’s report.

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