NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, July 17, 2024, 6:00PM: members and non-members are welcome to the GCAS monthly meeting at the Roundup Lodge in San Lorenzo (Mimbres Valley). We start at 6PM with a potluck - bring your own plates & utensils, and a dish for yourself or to share with with what we expect to be a larger than usual number of guests, including the starving students of the Preservation Archaeology Museum Curation and Survey Field School. Let's feed these folks well, people! At about 6:30PM we will have a brief business meeting followed immediately by our featured speaker, Archaeology Southwest's Karen Schollmeyer PhD, who will share updates on her and her field school team's work at the WNMU Museum which includes curating the artifacts comprising the NAN Ranch collection. Come meet the next generation of archaeologists and learn about the latest activity at our own WNMU Museum. In order to offer our members a safe and comfortable experience at our in-person meetings the GCAS follows CDC and New Mexico Department of Health guidelines for indoor gatherings including masking, distancing, and vaccinations. We recommend each attendee take the precautions they feel are appropriate for themselves.

NEXT FIELD TRIP: we defer a July field trip due to conflict with the July 4 holiday weekend. Watch this space for our next field trip scheduled for Sunday, August 4, 2024, destination TBA.

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Chris adamsWednesday, February 15, 2023: the GCAS meets again at 2045 Memory Lane in Silver City, New Mexico. Light refreshments provided and OK to bring your own light snacks or handy meal (burrito, etc.) and beverage. Meeting starts at 5:30PM sharp with a brief to nonexistent business meeting followed at 5:45PM by our featured speaker, the redoubtable archaeologist Chris Adams. Chris will showcase for us the Feather Imagery Depicted on Mimbres Pottery. Expect meeting to adjourn about 7:00PM. As ever, in order to offer our members a safe and comfortable experience the GCAS follows CDC and New Mexico Department of Health guidelines for indoor gatherings including masking, distancing, and vaccinations. We recommend all attendees follow the same. Learn more about Chris's significant career in protection and preservation:

Chris Adams attained his anthropology/archaeology degrees at Arizona State University. His career included over 11 years of service as Archaeologist for the US Forest Service based in Alamogordo, New Mexico, after which he became the District Archaeologist for the US Forest Service, headquartered in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. He has served in this post for the past 15 years and counting. His career has involved extensive field work, including numerous archaeological surveys and excavations.

His current research includes tracing the origins, fabrication, and distribution of prehistoric copper artifacts found at archaeological sites. Chris works the sites with sophisticated metal-sensing technology and analyzes the results by collaborating with metallurgical specialists. Chris also uses this expertise to survey historic Apache battle sites, with a view toward confirming the historical record as well as illustrating in better detail the locations and scope of Apache encounters with US cavalry and Anglo settlers. In addition to relying upon metal-scanning equipment, Chris has investigated these sites by forming collaborative relationships with other governmental agencies, and has even worked with out-of-state rescue teams and their cadaver dogs to survey prehistoric and historic sites and mark and record locations of graves. In some cases Chris has been an essential member of teams who have performed the first professional documentation and study of archaeological/historic sites.

Please join us to learn more about Chris's insights into the cultural influences inherent in Mimbres pottery. For further reading about Chris's professional work, please enjoy:  with a 2014 photo of Chris Adams in in the field deploying strong metal detector fu and - an article about certain copper artifacts Chris helped locate in the Mimbres Valley area.

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