NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, December 15, 2021, online via Zoom, it's the GCAS special holiday meeting starting at the very special time of 6:00 PM. It may not be a “party” in our group's traditional sense, but we anticipate having a slideshow of archaeological images of solstice markers, followed by a slideshow of the AMAZING progress on our new Library and Workspace/Lab in the Wood House at the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site, and a reading of Marilyn Markel's annual poem wrapping up the year behind us. If any member has anything they wish to contribute to the fun, be it slideshows, games, announcements, or any etc., please contact Kyle ASAP at . The more the merrier!

NEXT FIELD TRIP = TBA - watch this space for details as they develop.

A Couple Quick Virtual Tours of Petroglyphs
2021's First GCAS Field Trip!

MAREC Progress Report - Phase V

MAREC volunteersThis latest installment of our MAREC project finds our volunteers (that's some of them over there on the right) completing smaller, more compartmentalized jobs in between visits by IFWEF’s contractor. He and his crew carried out our request to coat the flat, smooth sheetrock on the lab and library’s ceilings, fireplace encapsulation, and electrical panel with an orange-peel texture so that those surfaces would harmonize with the walls' coarser stucco. We were not disappointed. The results are superb.

MAREC paint colorsIFWEF and GCAS selected a light-yellow paint for the walls that was our closest match to the color the Wood House’s walls were when we began. We chose a dark green paint for the baseboards and interior door and window trim that reflects the green tones of the adjacent Gooch House's exterior. With the deep contrasting color of the laminate flooring, the lab and library will certainly provide a bright and cheerful place for archaeological study.

MAREC Lab Sink AssemblyThe GCAS’s core criteria have been to create as little disturbance as possible to the structure itself; and meet the needs of our field schools and younger local students by offering them a comfortable, utilitarian, and easy-to-clean work/study space. Accordingly we selected self-standing furnishings that include two locking metal cabinets (one to store the library’s rare and fragile items, the other to secure the lab’s artifacts and other works in progress), a workbench/utility sink assembly with a high-arc pull-down faucet, and an 8-foot workbench to accommodate two side-by-side seated work stations. Rolling two-tier metal carts will alternate as under-workbench storage for researchers, and mobile supply stations for our grade-school-level archaeological workshops.

Furniture deliveryA four-tier heavy-duty metal shelving unit will provide students easy access to the potsherd collections we have inventoried and cross-referenced to our library materials.  Our first delivery of these furnishings to the job site demanded that they remain stored in their flat-pack boxes until IFWEF’s contractor has laid the laminate flooring. We expect that to happen soon and we can hardly wait to assemble the furniture and put it all in place.

Our GCAS supporters have made this possible. On behalf of all the members of the GCAS, thank you one and all!

/s/ webmaster


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