NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, December 15, 2021, online via Zoom, it's the GCAS special holiday meeting starting at the very special time of 6:00 PM. It may not be a “party” in our group's traditional sense, but we anticipate having a slideshow of archaeological images of solstice markers, followed by a slideshow of the AMAZING progress on our new Library and Workspace/Lab in the Wood House at the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site, and a reading of Marilyn Markel's annual poem wrapping up the year behind us. If any member has anything they wish to contribute to the fun, be it slideshows, games, announcements, or any etc., please contact Kyle ASAP at . The more the merrier!

NEXT FIELD TRIP = TBA - watch this space for details as they develop.

Thank You for Donating to Our Project
How DNA Research Affects Study of Past Cultural Events

Christmas Is Coming, the Goose Is Getting Fat

Eduardo Arguello holds a Mata Ortiz pot - temporarilyWednesday December 16, 2020, 7:00 PM via Zoom: The incredible GCAS Christmas party goes online! Less structured that our usual general meetings on Zoom, and everyone is invited. President Kyle expects to announce the new members of our Board of Trustees, followed by Marilyn Markel's poetic assessment of the year. For the main event President Kyle may take over the screen with what he describes as "...a slideshow of petroglyphs or excavations or something with an invitation for anyone to pipe up with questions or comments of general interest. Let me reiterate, it will be a slideshow, not a lecture, nothing deep or academic, nothing that can't be interrupted because there will be no train of thought—just photos. For those so inclined, it would not be inappropriate to grab a glass of wine and maybe show us some really fabulous snack that you would have served if we were all together in person. Maybe pick some festive background instead of your boring old house. No guarantees, and I'll pull the plug if it gets out of control, but at least if any drinks are spilled, it will be on your floor and not mine!" Watch your email for your Zoom invite; hop on Zoom at 6:45PM to get settled, and join us for the festivities!

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