NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, December 15, 2021, online via Zoom, it's the GCAS special holiday meeting starting at the very special time of 6:00 PM. It may not be a “party” in our group's traditional sense, but we anticipate having a slideshow of archaeological images of solstice markers, followed by a slideshow of the AMAZING progress on our new Library and Workspace/Lab in the Wood House at the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site, and a reading of Marilyn Markel's annual poem wrapping up the year behind us. If any member has anything they wish to contribute to the fun, be it slideshows, games, announcements, or any etc., please contact Kyle ASAP at . The more the merrier!

NEXT FIELD TRIP = TBA - watch this space for details as they develop.

Everything Helps Our MAREC Project
Let's Play Pandemic Bingo!

A Heartfelt Merry Christmas To All and Gratitude to Our Donors

4100The GCAS wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season as 2020 draws to a close. We are also grateful to our friends who, as of this writing, have donated a total of $4100 toward our goal of raising $10,000 to develop the historic Wood House at the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site into the Mimbres Archaeological Research and Education Center. Please wish these generous folks a Merry Christmas and join them in helping the GCAS accomplish our priority project:

Roger Anyon
Gary Barnett & Marianne Smith
Barbara Belles
Margaret Berrier
Allen Dart
John Fitch
Joseph & Marilyn Gendron
Patricia Gilman & Paul Minnis
William Hudson
Ben & Peggy Nelson
Tina Oldknow
Barbara Roth
Jakob Sedig

We of the GCAS are fortunate to have your support for this project. Thank you, every one!

/s/ webmaster


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