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Photo Goodness

124 - maybe-shaman  detail. See pic 17 Cache in the cliff - photo by K.MeredithSome minor dusting and cleaning was in order for the photo archives on our GCAS website.

The Gallery page: We've added to the scrolling gallery a couple dozen more photos of GCAS field trips, excavations, and special events. You can enjoy all 58 of them in two different ways: (1) use the arrows on the narrow scroll bar just underneath the string of photos to go back and forth looking at the photos in smaller size. Hovering your cursor over each photo will reveal a short caption; or (2) click on any photo to open it to full-screen size, then hover your cursor over the right-hand or left-hand portion of the photo to reveal a large white triangle/arrow that will take you to the next (or previous) photo in the lineup. Click the tiny black "X" in the far upper right corner of any enlarged photo to return to the Gallery page.

Photo Albums: We included more photos to each of our 7 existing albums. Thanks go to all our GCAS members who have generously contributed their photos of area events, GCAS field trips, and meetings. Please continue! And most recently...

...We created a new photo album entitled "Independent Study." This is where GCAS members are invited to contribute photos from their own travels into archaeology, history, and ecology in the US Southwest and further afield. This photo sharing is especially important during these times when official GCAS field trips are curtailed and the membership is thirsty for exploration. We would love everyone to share photos of where they've been and what they've seen, whether it has been upon a recent trip or one from the past. Include some explanatory text or photo captions and we can turn it into a blog post as well.

You can visit each and every one of the GCAS photo albums by clicking on "Gallery" at the top of the Home page and then following any of the links appearing below the photos in the scrolling gallery. Have fun, now.

/s/ webmaster



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