NEXT MEETING: The April 15, 2020, general meeting IS CANCELLED. Watch this space to learn when conditions permit our GCAS meetings to resume. Meanwhile, please stay well, practice basic precautions, and we will all get together soon.


Site Steward Opportunity Up North - Plan Now!
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Plan Now for THREE Special Events in March!

HSR BR PosterOn Saturday, March 14, 2020, it's Event Number One, the 9th Annual Buffalo Roast Fundraiser at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces! Human Systems Research Inc. proudly presents the keynote speaker, Mark Santiago, discussing "Labyrinth of Blood: Apaches and the Spanish Empire." This is an Advance-Ticket-Only event with tickets going for $50/person. For time of presentation, tickets, and other information please telephone the NMFRHM at 575-524-9456. Meanwhile, enjoy the presentation summary:

"Over the course of several centuries, the Apache peoples repeatedly confronted and confounded the northern movement of the Spanish Empire into what is now the Southwestern Borderlands. From the late 16th century through the beginning of the 19th, Apaches and Spaniards engaged in almost constant warfare. Whether viewed as a series of relatively small, local conflicts, conflated by an imperial perspective, or as a generations-long struggle for control of ancestral lands and resources against outside invasion, the war (or wars) between the Spanish Empire and the various Apache peoples were among the longest and the most important in the history of North America. Haphazardly at first, but then with increasing momentum from the mid 1700s, the Spaniards unleashed all the power and subtleties available to their modern nation-state against a tribal society. Alternating extreme violence with offers of food and security on what were essentially reservations, by the 1790s the Spaniards had imposed on the Apaches a form of mutual accommodation that resembled peace more than war. This talk will examine the origins, course, and results of this long, bloody, and labyrinthine struggle."

Rogers-photo-2017Event Number Two is our GCAS general meeting on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, starting at 6:00 PM at 2045 Memory Lane in Silver City, New Mexico. No potluck dinner, but light refreshments provided. After the GCAS General Meeting, our Featured Speaker, University of New Mexico PhD candidate and 2018/2019 GCAS Coinman Grant Awardee Thatcher A. Rogers will speak on the findings of his current research regarding "Following the Green Stone Road: Exploring the Upper Gila Connection to Paquimé (Casas Grandes)." Please join us!

Chok-litEvent Number Three happens on Saturday, March 21, 2020, from 3:00PM to 5:00PM. In support of the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site, Marilyn Markel presents "Ancient Trails of the Mimbres: Macaws, Cacao (Chocolate) and Pots." Come to the Roundup Lodge on Acklin Road just off Highway 35 in Mimbres to learn about Mimbres pottery, archaeology, trails, and trade; and to enjoy a "chocolate extravaganza." Some chocolate dessert will be provided and you can sample a drink of an ancient frothy chocolate brew. This event is FREE but please bring a chocolate bar, some Hershey's Kisses, brownies, or any other chocolate dessert to share. For more information telephone Marilyn Markel at 575-536-9337 or Kathy Hill at 575-536-3161.

Let's go!

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