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An Update from the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site
Petroglyphs as Celestial Markers

Meet Our 2020 Coinman Grant Awards Recipient!

IMG_0944We here at the GCAS are very pleased to announce this year's recipient of our 2020 Nancy Coinman Grant Awards, Danielle Romero of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. [She might be found somewhere in that field school work photo over there on the right.]

Danielle is a third-year PhD candidate majoring in Archaeology with a minor in Anthropology, working toward her PhD dissertation in May 2021. In addition to her formal studies, Danielle works as a Graduate Assistant in UNLV's Mimbres Archaeology Lab. She has been part of UNLV's excavation and research field schools at the Elk Ridge archaeological site in the Mimbres Valley for several years. An accomplished public speaker, she often presents topics on archaeology, ceramics, and ancient cultural interactions at regional and statewide archaeological conferences. In the past she has also shared aspects of her research as a featured speaker at our own GCAS monthly meetings.

Danielle's current research is a fascinating study of how an analysis of Elk Ridge ceramics may sharpen archaeologists' understanding of the social and cultural interactions among the groups inhabiting the entire Mimbres Valley during the period from AD 200 to AD 1150. Read the details of Danielle's research in her own words.

Congratulations, Danielle!

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