NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, February 15, 2023, 5:00PM: The GCAS monthly IN-PERSON general meeting meets again at 2045 Memory Lane in Silver City, New Mexico. about a block or two south of the intersection of Memory Lane and Hwy 180. Doors open at 5PM for folks to socialize and get settled. Light refreshments provided and OK to bring your own light snacks or handy meal (burrito, etc.) and beverage. Meeting starts at 5:30PM sharp with a brief to nonexistent business meeting followed at 5:45PM by our featured speaker, the redoubtable archaeologist Chris Adams. Chris will showcase for us the Feather Imagery Depicted on Mimbres Pottery. Expect meeting to adjourn about 7:00PM. As ever, in order to offer our members a safe and comfortable experience the GCAS follows CDC and New Mexico Department of Health guidelines for indoor gatherings including masking, distancing, and vaccinations. We recommend all attendees follow the same.

NEXT FIELD TRIP: February 5, 2023, we will meet at 10:00 AM at the MAREC HQ at the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site. We will have the Allard Bartlett and George Coleman collections on display with other select items including the GCAS's replica Clovis tool kit and a comparative sampling of artifact seashells and their modern counterparts. Possible trip to the nearby McAnally site may be included!

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November 2019

Support the GCAS on Giving Tuesday

FSCN4987Each year, Giving Tuesday kicks off the international holiday and end-of-year charitable season on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. In 2019, that Tuesday falls on December 3. On December 3, 2019, Typepad - our website's blogging platform  - will announce our nonprofit charitable organization as part of a social media blast associated with Giving Tuesday.

100_9959This is the GCAS's first time participating in Giving Tuesday. From 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, everyone is encouraged to donate to the GCAS to support the educational programs, library, and general funding we provide in furtherance of our mission of preservation and protection of our region's historic, cultural, and archaeological resources.

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Please Help the GCAS on Giving Tuesday!

GCAS sets upOn December 3, 2019, Typepad - the blogging platform on which this GCAS website reaches out to all of cyberspace - will announce our nonprofit charitable organization as part of a social media blast associated with Giving Tuesday. Each year, Giving Tuesday kicks off the international holiday and end-of-year charitable season on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. In 2019, that Tuesday falls on December 3.

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Our November 20, 2019, Featured Speaker: Greg Conlin

2019-04-27 MM ASNM - Greg Conlin Bice AwardToday's Guest Blogger, GCAS President Kyle Meredith, introduces the Featured Speaker at our next GCAS general meeting on November 20, 2019:

Greg Conlin is the current GCAS Vice President in charge of Field Trips. He has been active in our group for almost 15 years, including the NM SiteWatch program, for which he is currently Site Steward for the Woodrow Ruin. He assists with our educational programs and has volunteered for professional excavations in the Gila/Mimbres area. He was a 2019 recipient of the Richard A. Bice Award for Archaeological Achievement presented by the Archaeological Society of New Mexico. For many of the past several years he has spent time traveling throughout the Andes in Ecuador, Peru, and northern Chile. His adventures take him well off the beaten path to places that most tourists have never heard of. His travelogues include photographs of sites that predate the Inca culture and give us a glimpse of ancient empires (and today's rural lifestyles) largely ignored by popular tourism.

Everyone is invited to come to the November 20 GCAS general meeting beginning at 6:00 PM at 2045 Memory Lane in Silver City, New Mexico. Light refreshments will be provided. After the meeting, Greg will tell us about what lies "Beyond Machu Picchu: a Travelogue of Pre-Columbian Architecture in Peru." We'll see you there!

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Silver City's New Mural: Dedicated to Plants, Pollinators, and Climate Change

IMG_1259 IMG_1258The GCAS proudly donated funds to the Southwest New Mexico Audubon Society in partnership with the Mimbres Region Arts Council Youth Mural Program, to support their latest civic educational and beautification project. The mural was dedicated to the public on October 26, 2019. As the Southwest New Mexico Audubon Society describes,

The mural theme, “Plants, Pollinators and Climate Change,” was proposed by SWNM Audubon and designed by Aldo Leopold High School art students, under the direction of teacher Alison Phillips, with input from supporting organizations and based on original photographs by Elroy Limmer. Mimbreño designs bridge past with present, the border consists of blue to red stripes depicting global temperature changes over the last 100 years.

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GCAS November Field Trip - Fort Bowie, Arizona

Ft bowie ruin Ft bowie vistaToday's Guest Blogger is our very own GCAS President, Kyle Meredith, accompanied by Guest Photographer and GCAS Field Trip Coordinator, Greg Conlin. Together they report on a very satisfying visit to the Fort Bowie National Historic Site in southeastern Arizona:

We couldn’t have asked for better weather on our field trip to Ft. Bowie. Greg and Josh and Kyle arrived at the Tyrone parking lot way too early, but were gratified when new member, David Burr, and veteran member, Janet DeLoache, showed up for the adventure. We were all able to fit into one car (with Greg’s little dog Layla) and arrived at the trailhead ready for lunch before heading up the trail. We traveled as a pack, each asking questions and sharing our observations about the vegetation, landscape, and signage on the loop to and from the fort.

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One Big Volunteer Opportunity!

IMG_0348We of the GCAS aim to preserve and protect archaeological resources through education. School is in session so a group of students from Stout Elementary School and their teachers have scheduled a field trip to the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site on Friday, November 22, 2019.

The GCAS traditionally provides volunteer guides for these field trips, coordinated by our very own Marilyn Markel. So please, GCAS members: take time to assist Marilyn in showing these young students some of the rich heritage in their area. No experience is necessary for any of these field trips; Marilyn will quickly get you up to speed. For hours and other details please contact Marilyn ASAP by telephone at 575-536-9337, or via email.

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Images from the 2019 Mimbres Harvest Festival

0928191127Thanks to today's guest photographer, Chris Overlock, all of cyberspace can now share in the GCAS's exploits at our archaeology booth on September 28, 2019, at the Mimbres Valley Harvest Festival. [Photo by C. Overlock. L to R: G. Conlin, M. Gendron, M.Smith.]

Our Marilyn Markel outdid herself in providing 33 local children a hands-on series of fun projects in experimental archaeology. The volunteers running the GCAS booth introduced passers-by to our group's activities and encouraged them to examine our archaeological information displays.

LtoR MGendron  GConlin  MSmith  MMarkelSales proceeds from GCAS T-shirts have been earmarked for our educational programs during the 2019-2020 school year. The funds generated by our used-book sales will be spent by our GCAS Library to replace scientific volumes that have either been damaged or lost. For this, the GCAS is grateful to all the visitors to our Harvest Festival booth for supporting our volunteer programs with their purchases. Thank you all so very much - we'll see you at next year's Harvest Festival! [Photo by C. Overlock. L to R: M. Gendron, G. Conlin, M. Smith, M. Markel.]

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Las Cruces Lecture Series Part III

Karl Laumbach in actionThe time and the place to be: Las Cruces. 7:00 PM. Thursday, November 14, 2019. Karl W. Laumbach, archaeologist, Director of the Cañada Alamosa Project, and Associate Director of Human Systems Research, Inc., continues his monthly series of lectures entitled, "A Synthesis of Twenty Years of Archaeological Discoveries on the Cañada Alamosa." On November 14 Karl will discuss "Early Pueblos in the Cañada Alamosa: Mimbres and Socorro."

All lectures in this series are FREE and start at 7:00 pm in the Social Center Auditorium at the University Terrace Good Samaritan Village, 3011 Buena Vida Circle, Las Cruces. For contact info and details of the entire series, please check out HSR's PDF: Download Canada Alamosas Lectures in Cruces-1 or scroll through our "Events" page for all the upcoming action in this lecture series and more!

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