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The Melding of Archaeology and Art in Las Cruces

Please welcome today's guest blogger and photographer, Marilyn Gendron, as she recaps her and Joseph Gendron's recent visit to a museum exhibit in Las Cruces we're encouraging folks to attend!

Living in Sacred Continuum: Art/archaeology exhibit at NMSU until December 15, 2019

Joseph and I recently enjoyed an exhibit at the American Indian Student Union (near the Corbett Center) to view 5 ancient Mimbres pottery bowls and the artwork of five well-known Hopi artists; Ramson Lomatewama, Ed Kabotie, Gwen Setalla, Gerald Lomaventema, and Spencer Nutima.

The Mimbres Project, sponsored by the NMSU Museum (professor Fumi Arakawa) and the National Museum of Ethnology in Minpaku, Japan (professor Atsunori Ito), asked these Hopi artists to examine, reflect and interpret ancient Mimbres pottery, visit ancient archaeology sites and Mimbres landscapes, then use the designs to inspire their artwork in modern media (pottery, jewelry, glassblowing, katsina carving and painting/drawing) providing a Sacred Continuum. Videos of each artist revealing how the pottery images inspired their own work added meaning to the exhibit.

Mimbres fish-MG Fish reinterpreted in Lomatewama blown glass-MG Here is an example of a Mimbres bowl with a fish image, reinterpreted in blown glass by Ransom Lomatewama:


Crane inspired Lomaventema bolo - MG Mimbres crane bowl - MG

Gerald Lomaventema was inspired by this Mimbres crane bowl to create a crane image in a bolo tie of turquoise and silver:



This Mimbres figure inspired Spencer Nutima to create a special katsina:

Mimbres anthropomorph - MG Anthropomorph interpreted in Nutima katsina - MG



Joseph and I hope others will enjoy this exhibition and the research behind it as much as we did.

/s/ Marilyn Gendron [all photos by Marilyn Gendron]





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