NEXT MEETING: 6:00 PM, Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at the Roundup Lodge in San Lorenzo (Mimbres Valley). The season's last potluck, followed by general meeting, then our Featured Speaker: Human Systems Research Associate Director and archaeologist Karl Laumbach discusses his experiences in "The Elk Ridge Story."

NEXT FIELD TRIP = SPECIAL! Friday, October 4, 2019, join the Amerind Museum Curator's Tour at 1 PM in Dragoon AZ! $8/person. Tour is limited to 30 people maximum so sign up ASAP. Go to our Events page & scroll down for sign-up info & trip details.

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Images from the 2019 ASNM Annual Meeting

Today's Guest Photographer: Marilyn Markel

2019-04-28 MM ASNM at MCHS 3The GCAS's very own Marilyn Markel is today's Guest Photographer, bringing us some images from April 28, 2019, when she and Bill Hudson guided ten or so attendees of the 2019 ASNM annual meeting on a field trip to the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site.

Marilyn has been a devoted member of the GCAS for over 18 years but her passion for archaeology has been lifelong. She has served our group in the capacities of Vice President, President, Board member, and more. She is the backbone of our educational outreach programs, introducing the general public but especially local grade school and high school students to the history and cultural heritage of their own home towns.

2019-04-28 MM ASNM at MCHS 1Marilyn's photos show the ASNM attendees enjoying stellar weather while walking the trails of the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site, aka the Mattocks Site. Marilyn and Bill guided the group through the Classic Mimbres Pueblo site with its associated pithouses. This site was excavated twice by archaeologists: Paul Nesbitt in 1929-1931, and The Mimbres Foundation in the late 1970s; but the grounds also include two historic Territorial adobe homes dated to the early 1880s with assorted outbuildings. The Imogen F. Wilson Education Foundation now possesses the 7-acre site and operates tours of both the historic homes and the archaeological site.

2019-04-28 MM ASNM at MCHS 2If you have occasion to visit the Mimbres Culture Heritage Site yourself, an interpretive tour led by either Bill Hudson or Marilyn Markel is a treat not to be missed.

Thank you for sharing your photos, Marilyn!

/s/ webmaster


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