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Following Pat Gilman, Mimbres Archaeologist

Featured Artist: Marilyn Gendron

2019-04-27 MM ASNM - Pat Gilman and Gendron artOur GCAS members are not just a group of pretty faces. We have all kinds of skills. Exhibit A is the work of Marilyn Gendron, one of our group's accomplished artists.

At the 2019 annual meeting of the Archaeological Society of New Mexico just past, the GCAS presented our keynote speaker, Pat Gilman, PhD, with a gift in appreciation of her lifelong archaeological research of the Mimbres-Mogollon culture. She received a framed watercolor, "Rabbit Moon," painted by our own Marilyn Gendron. (That's Pat holding Marilyn's painting up over there.)

Marilyn has been a devoted GCAS member for well over a decade, so we've enjoyed her art and design work in many different media. Her painting has been featured on the front page of our community newspaper; her 3D art has appeared in our GCAS calendar; and many of us wear T-shirts bearing her Mimbreño designs. In painting "Rabbit Moon," Marilyn included an extra touch of authenticity to the night sky. Though it may not be visible in the photo here, she explains, "The constellations in that painting are as they were in 1054 when the supernova appeared below the moon near the constellation Taurus. It was 6 times brighter than Venus and was visible for 23 days. The remnants of that supernova I believe became the Crab Nebula....I was trying to picture the sky when that happened here in the valley with the Mimbreños."

Marilyn, thank you for letting us show off one example of your fine work. I imagine Pat has it hanging in a very special place now.

/s/ webmaster [Photo by Marilyn Markel.]


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