NEXT MEETING: 6:00 PM, Wednesday, June 19, 2019, at the Roundup Lodge in San Lorenzo (Mimbres Valley). Potluck followed by general meeting, then our Featured Speaker: Karen G. Schollmeyer, PhD, preservation archaeologist for Archaeology Southwest, presenting: "The Cliff Valley in the 14th Century."

NEXT FIELD TRIP: TBA: watch this space.

How Did MimbreƱo Language Sound?
Deferred, For All the Right Reasons

We Need GCAS Members on Committees, Please!

3 - Josh Reeves addresses his peopleWe've posted this before and we're posting it again: the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Society of New Mexico (ASNM) is set for Friday, April 26 through Sunday, April 28, 2019, right here in Silver City and hosted by ourselves, the GCAS.

If you've scrolled down this far into our blog you will have already passed the announcement of the ASNM Meeting and all the linky goodness it contains for registrants and other interested parties.

But GCAS members are afforded exclusive opportunities: We need everyone in our group to help in various areas to make this event a success and you have lots to choose from! If you have not already hopped on the bandwagon yet, please do so now:

Committees to handle assorted tasks have formed and there is one to fit your style. Friendly and experienced guidance is provided to all. Please sign up ASAP - like, really, ASAP - for one or more of the following:

  • Hospitality - be the face of the GCAS! Welcome attendees; process registrations; prepare swag-bags & visitor information; and more.
  • Facilities - be a roadie! Set up, rearrange, and take down tables, chairs, AV equipment, and displays as needed; and more.
  • Program - schedule the day's presentations; support the emcees with the proceedings; double-check what the roadies are doing with the AV equipment; arrange displays and posters; and of course, more.
  • Field trip - coordinate attendees and their box lunches with the leaders (already assigned) of each of the 5 field trips we offer;


  • Silent Auction - assemble books, art, and other desirable items for the finest of fundraising experiences.

Sign up now! and get further details from:

/s/ webmaster



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